7 Years of Industry Experience

With 7 years of extensive experience in the visa services sector, Fast Visa has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Industry Experts

Our team is composed of seasoned experts who continuously learn and adapt to the latest industry trends, ensuring we provide professional services to our clients.

Efficient Solutions

By optimizing our internal processes, we can quickly respond to client needs and reduce processing times, making the visa application process hassle-free.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that each client’s needs are unique. Therefore, we offer flexible pricing strategies to accommodate different budgets and requirements.


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Our Services

Work Visa Application for Foreigners
We provide comprehensive work visa application services for foreigners coming to work in China. This includes document preparation, application process guidance, and coordination with relevant government agencies.
Company Registration
We help foreigners register companies, restaurants, barbershops, etc., in China. Start your business in Shanghai without worrying about tax and legal issues, quickly and efficiently.
Obtaining TEFL and HSK Certificates
If you want to apply for an English teaching position, a TEFL certificate will be very helpful. If you plan to live in China, learning Chinese through the HSK certificate is essential.
Permanent Residence Application
We provide application services for permanent residence in China for eligible foreigners, helping them achieve more stable living and working conditions.
Entrepreneur Visa for Foreigners
We assist foreign investors in applying for work visas, encouraging them to start businesses in China. No degree or work experience is required, but a genuine operating company is necessary.